All-in-One Pharmacy and Adherence Solution
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Our client is a USA-based pharmaceutical services company dedicated to revolutionizing medication management. They are developing an all-in-one pharmacy and adherence solution that combines a full-service pharmacy with a smart dispenser. This solution empowers caregivers to remotely manage medication regimens with precision and ease, ensuring patient adherence to prescribed treatments.We embarked on a comprehensive journey with our client, participating in all stages of development for their innovative platform. Key components included the creation of a public website, an admin portal, and Android-based smart pill boxes. These pill boxes enable patients to effortlessly organize and administer their medication reminders. As a result, caregivers have access to a seamless, user-friendly solution that enhances medication adherence and patient care.One of the primary challenges was assembling a skilled team capable of developing all components of the system and ensuring quality assurance for the IoT device. Despite this challenge, our team successfully delivered impactful solutions. We achieved milestones such as Android-based platform development, remote configuration and monitoring capabilities, and seamless integration with various medical devices. Additionally, we implemented a robust public website and back-office functionality, along with a Mobile Device Management solution for efficient device monitoring and management.Used Tech Stack: Android, Android OS customization, Java, Firebase cloud messaging, .NET Core, Angular 2+, WebSockets, REST

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