Crypto Features for Gaming
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A leading Romanian company specializing in game development services, recognized for their innovative contributions to the gaming industry. Operating across 7+ locations, they provide a broad spectrum of development services, with a particular focus on integrating modern technologies and crypto features into gaming experiences.Our collaboration involved assembling a dedicated team of 8 skilled engineers who worked in close partnership with the client's product team. The primary objective was to rejuvenate a legacy game, bringing it up to date with the latest technological advancements while embedding cutting-edge crypto functionalities. The team's efforts were directed towards modernizing the game's infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration of cryptocurrency features, and enhancing overall gameplay to meet current market demands.The project entailed taking over the development of a legacy game and transforming it into a modern, technologically advanced platform. Key accomplishments include the maintenance and upgrade of the game's front end using Unity, the incorporation of crypto wallet connectivity, and the introduction of NFT characters retrievable from the Binance market. Our team also developed an NFT character viewer with various filtering options, overhauled the game's micro-services architecture, updated the .Net framework, and introduced new authorization logic leveraging connected wallet information. Additionally, we ensured the continuous maintenance of the game's content management system.Used Tech Stack: .Net Core, Unity 3D, Unity Addressable, AWS (Sign Url, S3, EKS), Metamask, MongoAtlas, React.js, Node.js