Data Analytics & POCs for Top 3 Automotive Manufacturer
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Our client, a leading USA-based global automotive manufacturer ranking among the top three in the industry, specializes in offering a wide range of vehicles, including light, medium, and heavy trucks, buses, coaches, and bus chassis. With diverse warranty offerings tailored to different conditions, the client sought to gain deeper insights into their customer base and vehicle usage patterns.In collaboration with the client, we developed a Proof of Concept (POC) solution aimed at analyzing truck route patterns to provide valuable insights. Our solution enabled the client to identify opportunities for the integration of electric or autonomous trucks, along with suitable electric charging station locations. Leveraging custom algorithms, we aggregated and filtered data from onboard telematics devices, merged it with external data sources such as electric charging station locations, and visualized key findings through an intuitive dashboard.The primary challenge was to provide the client with a comprehensive understanding of how their customers utilize their vehicles. With vast amounts of data available from standard onboard telematics devices, our task was to extract actionable insights quickly to support management decision-making. Through rapid prototyping and agile development, we successfully demonstrated the feasibility of selected hypotheses, earning management approval for further initiatives.Used Tech Stack: Python PySpark Azure Data Explorer Azure Databricks Tableau