Database Virtualization & Migration
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Our client, a prominent USA-based company specializing in database virtualization and data management solutions, sought to revolutionize data infrastructure by enabling seamless transitions from traditional/legacy databases to modern cloud data warehouses, all without necessitating changes to SQL and application structures.Our team's evolution from a small, agile group to a robust team of 20 professionals empowered us to deliver comprehensive services. We offered end-to-end solutions spanning product development, rigorous testing, and steadfast customer support. Notably, our expertise extended to assisting large enterprises with seamless data migration, ensuring uninterrupted operations and continuous customer satisfaction.The challenge lay in meeting the client's expectations for enhanced product development capacity and quality to cater to Fortune 100 clientele. Despite the intricacies of the niche technology area, our team swiftly adapted, augmenting the client's workforce with additional brainpower to support aggressive development schedules and live platform maintenance. We streamlined QA and development processes, leading to efficient release management. Furthermore, our ongoing customer support, spanning L1 and L2 levels, facilitated smooth data warehouse migration projects to leading cloud platforms like Azure Synapse and Google Cloud Platform. Used Tech Stack: C Erlang Flex Bison SQL Python Scala Spark ArgoCD Kubernetes Azure Synapse Teradata