Digital Proctoring System
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Our client is an AI-based online Proctoring System operating in the education industry, headquartered in the USA. With a focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance examination integrity and monitoring, they sought a strategic technology partner to design, develop, and scale their digital proctoring solution.Our solution centered around an AI-based online Proctoring System designed to ensure examination integrity and authenticity. Key features included digital identification and onboarding processes to verify examinee identities, real-time monitoring during examinations to detect fraud and unauthorized items via video analysis, and a comprehensive dashboard for data analytics to track and analyze examinations. The implementation of these features resulted in a robust and scalable proctoring system that provided seamless identification, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and efficient data analysis for examination management.The primary challenge for the client was to find a strategic technology partner capable of designing and developing an AI-based proctoring solution that would assist proctors in their daily work, increase their capacity, and ensure consistency over evaluations. Despite this challenge, our collaboration led to several achievements, including a seamless digital identification and onboarding process, enhanced monitoring and detection capabilities, and the development of a comprehensive dashboard for efficient tracking. These achievements culminated in the successful deployment of the system, serving over 10,000 users and significantly improving examination integrity.Used Tech Stack: C++, OpenCV, ElectronJS, ReactJS, Gatling, Python, AWS SNS, AWS SQS, Docker, AWS CodePipeline/Code Build, Twilio Video, Terraform