Fitness and Healthcare Platform
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Our client is a USA-based company operating in the fitness and healthcare industry. Their digital multi-platform solution provides video-on-demand streaming subscriptions, live streaming services for end users and coaches, as well as supplementary offerings such as workout DVDs, food supplements, and meal plans. With a focus on enhancing the digital experience for their users, the client sought professional software expertise to elevate the capacity and quality of their digital product development.In response to the client's needs, our team grew to a dedicated group of 60 members. Leveraging our expertise in Software Quality Assurance and Engineering, as well as web and mobile application development and maintenance, we provided comprehensive solutions. We aimed to bolster the client's digital product development processes, enhancing both capacity and quality. This involved designing and developing automated testing and monitoring infrastructure across various platforms and layers to support the client's extensive user base and product offerings.One of the key challenges was meeting the client's demand for a professional software company capable of handling the complexities of digital product development in the fitness and healthcare domain. Despite this challenge, our efforts led to significant achievements. We contributed to the digitalization and quality control of the client's products, designing and implementing automated testing and monitoring infrastructure. This infrastructure supported over 3 million users across mobile, web, TV, and watch platforms. Additionally, our active participation in web and mobile application development enabled the client to maintain intensive release schedules, often requiring round-the-clock cooperation with various teams.Used Tech Stack: React.js, Swift, Java, Expresso, XCUITest, Detox, Maven, TestNG, Selenium, JS, Playwright, Jest, Python, Pytest, JMeter,, TestRail Cucumber,

Healthcare and Wellness