Kerpak - Smart Fridges
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Kerpak is an innovative platform that connects users with restaurants, retailers, and producers, prioritizing sustainability through eco-friendly innovation. Their Smart Fridges offer convenient daily-delivered meals, and with their user-friendly app, users can easily tap, scan, and purchase for a seamless dining experience.Our solution for Kerpak encompassed several components to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. The mobile app, developed using hybrid technology for Android and iOS platforms, featured a QR scanner and Bluetooth access for easy interaction. Barcode scanning capabilities enabled item selection, pre-ordering, and delivery scheduling. A custom-assembled hardware unit facilitated remote management and monitoring, including communication with the backend, human-machine interface (HMI), and app integration, along with secure video recording. The backend/admin system provided dynamic pricing, stock management, issue alerts, and user management functionalities, with support for multi-regional operations and integration with payment providers.The primary challenge was to establish reliable software engineering services for unattended retail solutions and effectively integrate hardware components. Despite these challenges, our collaboration with Kerpak led to several achievements. The seamless app experience across platforms, coupled with convenient access, item selection, and pre-ordering with delivery, significantly enhanced user satisfaction. The implementation of remote management and monitoring capabilities, along with secure video recording, ensured operational efficiency and security. Furthermore, the dynamic pricing, stock management, issue alerts, user management features, and multi-regional support contributed to the overall success of the project.Used Tech Stack: React native, Node.js, React.js, AWS, Google Analytics, Firebase, Crashlytics, Stripe SDK (mobile, backend), BLE Host and Mobile client, Raspberry Pi, Serial communication with sensors and locks

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