Maritime Simulator & Training Engine
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Our client is a global technology, defense, and engineering group with a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning aerospace, smart city development, defense, and public security segments. With a focus on innovation and advanced technology solutions, they sought to develop a comprehensive maritime simulator and training engine to enhance training programs and operational efficiency.In response to the client's requirements, we developed a cutting-edge training simulator with a 3D Maritime Visualization Engine. This engine included 5,000 square kilometers of land and sea terrain, approximately 200 modeled objects, real-world weather simulation, physics modeling, and day and night time logic. Integration with actual field devices enabled realistic visualization of various scenarios, including city architecture, natural elements, ocean conditions, harbors, and human modeling. The result was a sophisticated training platform capable of simulating diverse maritime scenarios with high fidelity and accuracy.The primary challenge for the client was the need for a maritime simulator training engine based on a comprehensive visualization engine. This engine was essential for developing various tools for real-life data visualization and its application in training simulations, including piloting tankers and cargo ships. Despite this challenge, our team successfully automated training courses for unmanned surface vessels, enabled remote piloting of cargo and tanker ships and provided real-life port situation visualization capabilities. These achievements significantly enhanced the client's training programs and operational capabilities in maritime environments.Used Tech Stack: C#, C++, Unity3D, Blender 3D, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator