Portfolio System for an energy company
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A leading organization dedicated to mitigating climate change impacts, this client collaborates with public authorities, private sectors, financial institutions, and NGOs. Their focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with a particular emphasis on the energy sector's operations, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability efforts globally.We developed a comprehensive web-based platform tailored to the client's needs for efficient project idea registration, review, approval, and management. This solution facilitates meticulous tracking and control of project performance through intuitive management dashboards, integrates financial tracking aligned with key metrics, and enables the generation of insightful project reports. These features collectively enhance project transparency and provide valuable performance indicators, catering to the complex requirements of greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation projects.The primary challenge was to create a portfolio management system robust enough to support Armenia's national initiatives in managing greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and adaptation projects. Our solution addressed this need by streamlining project portfolio management processes, improving project tracking and performance assessment capabilities, enhancing financial visibility, and providing insightful, detailed reports and performance indicators. This not only aided in managing the projects more effectively but also in making informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data.Used Tech Stack: Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker, Nginx, GitLab

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