Real-Time Computer Simulation/Training Game
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Our client is a Switzerland-based company specializing in the development of real-time computer simulation and training games. Their flagship product, Interlab, is designed to enhance leadership abilities and team skills through immersive gameplay experiences.Our team provided comprehensive end-to-end delivery services for Interlab, including technical architecture, development, testing, deployment, and the implementation of an admin portal. We ensured seamless integration of the solution into the existing environment for the real-time computer simulation game, supporting both online and offline simulations.The primary challenge was meeting the client's requirements for a skilled technical team capable of providing tailored solutions for the simulation game. However, our team rose to the occasion, delivering a marketable licensed product suitable for delivering highly effective soft skills training. Interlab is now utilized by over 150 trainers, primarily in Europe, demonstrating its impact and success in the market. Additionally, our ongoing customer support ensures the smooth operation of the live product, providing timely assistance to address any issues or inquiries.Used Tech Stack: React, Redux, JS,, Node.js, Node-Webkit (nw.js), MongoDB

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