Top Tier Entertainment Company
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Our client, a Fortune 100 company based in the USA, operates within the Entertainment, Media, Gaming, and Amusement Parks industry. With a focus on delivering top-tier digital products to their audience, they sought to enhance their software testing and deployment processes.Over the course of one year, we assembled a dedicated team of 40+ engineers, including Automation Engineers, Quality Testers, and Software Engineers. This team was tasked with ensuring the quality assurance of digital products and systemizing the software testing and deployment cycles. Our efforts were aimed at establishing robust processes to streamline testing and deployment activities, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the client's digital product development lifecycle.The primary challenge for the client was to find a professional software company capable of increasing the capacity and quality of their digital products while systemizing the process for publishing and updating these products. Through our collaborative efforts, we achieved several significant milestones, including the setup and development of a common QA infrastructure. This included automated testing suites for various functionalities such as black-box and API testing, integrated into other production systems. We also automated data collection and monitoring for analytics, scheduling, server monitoring, and load balancing, facilitating the worldwide launch of new releases with higher quality. Additionally, we established an intensive release schedule with 24-hour support for the production and testing of mobile apps, alongside the implementation of system testing and performance analysis to verify the platform's capability to handle up to 300K concurrent users with 60K transactions per second.Used Tech Stack: Java, JS, Scripting, Hadoop (Cassandra/Kafka), JMeter, Tsung, TestNG, JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, Jacoco, Django, Tomcat, Jetty

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