Traffic Surveillance System
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Our client is a leading IT product/IOT company based in Germany, known for its innovative technology solutions and expertise in the field.We collaborated with our client to implement a robust traffic surveillance system using advanced video camera technology. The system was designed to detect various objects, including cars, trucks, bikes, and pedestrians, while also capturing their speeds and directions. This solution enabled real-time monitoring of traffic, significantly enhancing safety measures and providing valuable data for traffic analysis and planning. The successful implementation of the traffic surveillance system marked a significant milestone in our client's efforts to leverage technology for improving transportation systems.One of the key challenges we encountered was managing and delivering six separate projects with varying complexities and requirements. Despite this, our team rose to the occasion, effectively tackling each project and ensuring successful outcomes. As a result, our client experienced notable achievements, including improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience across their product portfolio. The successful integration of the chatbot platform with various platforms such as Google Dialogflow, Alexa, Magento, and WordPress expanded the company's reach and enabled seamless communication with customers.Used Tech Stack: Dialogflow, Alexa, Angular 2.x, Node.js, Express, C++, Python, Swift, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, OpenCV

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