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Our client, a USA-based company, is pioneering the development and operation of a social platform that serves as a nexus between businesses and local communities. With a core focus on promoting everyday social issues, disseminating news, and showcasing local businesses and marketplace promotions, their platform aims to foster community engagement and economic growth.To meet the client's objectives, our team of over 20 skilled software engineers, led by an experienced Architect, embarked on rearchitecting and further developing the Proof of Concept (POC) into a robust global marketplace. This involved comprehensive activities such as cloud infrastructure design, deployment, and ongoing support, as well as the development and operation of the marketplace itself. Key features spanned from user registration and onboarding of businesses to listing their products, all facilitated through a user-friendly CMS.The client's ambitious goal of listing on the NYSE within a year presented a significant challenge, requiring a dedicated and agile approach to development. Our challenge was to assemble a proficient team capable of supporting an aggressive development roadmap. Despite these challenges, we successfully launched the Social Platform MVP within five months and continued to iterate, supporting agile development and continuous improvement of the live platform. Within just one year after the MVP release, the platform boasted an impressive 500,000 registered users and 40,000 registered businesses across various states of the USA.Used Tech Stack: Node.js, .Net Core, SQL / NoSQL DBs, React.js, AWS Docker, Kubernetes

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