Visibility into Gross Margins
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Our client is a USA-based company specializing in AI-based solutions for supermarkets. Their platform automates gross margin management and weekly ad planning processes, streamlining operations and improving profitability for supermarkets.We assembled a team of IT Engineers, led by a Senior Consultant, to collaborate closely with the client's team. Together, we analyzed the business problem, developed a product roadmap, and executed the solution. Our team included full-stack developers, AI specialists, and QA experts who contributed to the development of the platform. After successfully releasing the MVP and subsequent versions, the client transitioned to an in-house team for further development, with us continuing to provide consulting support.The client sought a strategic technology partner to oversee the engineering of their innovative solution. Despite challenges, our collaboration resulted in significant achievements. The platform automates supplier-store ordering processes, addresses critical stock issues such as out-of-stock situations and pricing errors, and incorporates an AI-powered ad manager with a margin calculation engine. These advancements have revolutionized supermarket operations, enhancing efficiency and profitability.Used Tech Stack: C++, Python, OpenCV, TensorFlow, YOLO, Keras, React, Spring, Framework PyTorch

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